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Top-up attic insulation

$500-$1,500 Est. time: 3 - 4hrs High

Tasks and Notes

Insufficient attic insulation depth by current standards


Homes built prior to 1980 are commonly under-insulated by current energy standards. Typically easy and cost effective to correct, more insulation can usually be added.

In this case, first ensure that the attic is free of rodents and well sealed against them. The EPA has great detailed information on attic insulation projects.

If Not Addressed

Higher energy bills are the main consequence of inadequate insulation. The EPA estimates energy savings of up to 17% for basic sealing and insulation improvements.

Estimated Costs

Installing additional blown-in insulation could cost an estimated $500 as a DIY project or $1,000-$1,500 if done professionally. These costs will fluctuate based on the actual conditions the electrician encounters. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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