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Seal laminate floor scratch

$20-$150 Est. time: 30mins - 1hr Low

Tasks and Notes

Seal scratched off laminate or only use dry mop.


The laminate surface is scratched off the flooring in the center of the hallway. This makes it vulnerable to moisture damage. Laminate floors consist of a top layer covering a particle board core. This means the techniques (like sanding and buffing) that would work with hardwood floors are inappropriate in this case.

In the short term, avoid using a wet mop in this area. In the long term, consider purchasing a laminate touch-up kit to repair the damage. Or consult a flooring contractor if you need help.

If Not Addressed

The damaged areas are more likely to absorb moisture from mops and spills. This can lead to the typical moisture-on-wood conditions such as rot. You may have to completely replace the affected boards if the damage becomes substantial.

Estimated Costs

Repairing the laminate floor scratch could cost an estimated $20 as a DIY project or $100-$150 if done professionally. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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