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Recaulk and repaint compromised siding

$20-$150 Est. time: ~1hr Medium

Tasks and Notes

Cracked paint/caulking along midline trim on east side.


Caulk is used to seal some siding joints against moisture intrusion. The caulk along the horizontal junction between the siding and midline trim on the east side of the house is compromised. We recommend caulking and repainting the area.

If Not Addressed

Missing, cracked, or failed caulk can allow moisture to enter the exterior at vulnerable points in the siding, trim, or windows. Moisture issues will ensue such as rot, pest damage, reduced energy efficiency and accelerated wear.

Estimated Costs

Recaulking and painting the compromised siding could cost an estimated $20 as a DIY project or $100-$150 if done professionally. These costs will fluctuate based on the actual conditions the handyman encounters. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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