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Refurbish exterior doors

$180-$300 Est. time: 1 - 2hrs Medium

Tasks and Notes

Adjust east door deadbolt. Not fully latching.
Remove rust on top of front door and repaint.


The east door deadbolt is not latching completely and needs to be adjusted.

The top of the front door is rusting. It is unclear what is the source of the moisture that led to the rust, but we recommend sanding to remove the existing rust and repainting to reseal the metal door against moisture. Also monitor this area during rains to see if you can determine a likely moisture source.

If Not Addressed

Malfunctioning deadbolts are a security concern. And rust will worsen and eat away at the front door if left unaddressed. It is also unsightly.

Estimated Costs

We estimate the total cost of this project to be about $180-$300. The locksmith for the east door should cost about $100-$200, and the handyman for the front door $80-$100. These costs will fluctuate based on the actual conditions the professionals encounter. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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