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Clean dryer vent

$10-$200 Est. time: ~1hr Annually

Tasks and Notes

Clear lint from exterior dryer vent.


The vent that leads moist air from the dryer out to the exterior is clogged with lint. Empty the lint screen after each load. Every year, (or more frequently, depending on your usage load) pull the dryer out, unplug it, vacuum underneath it, inside the dryer vent, and around the exterior vent opening.

If Not Addressed

In addition to being a fire hazard (lint is highly flammable), a clogged dryer vent will increase dry times, run up energy usage, and potentially damage fabrics.

Estimated Costs

With the one time investment of a special vacuum attachment for cleaning dryer vents (avg $10), this maintenance can usually be done by the average homeowner. To hire a professional could cost between $100-$200.

Dryer vent cleaning is often included in a regular dryer maintenance service visit by an appliance repair technician. These costs will fluctuate based on the actual conditions the technician encounters. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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