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Vacuum wall heaters, baseboards and fireplace

~$100 Est. time: ~1hr Annually

Tasks and Notes

Vacuum wall heaters. Scorch marks on bathroom heater.
Vacuum wall heaters. Scorching on kitchen west heater.
Vacuum under the fireplace.


The electric wall heaters and baseboard heaters need regular vacuuming to remain free of dust and pet hair, and operate as intended. On wall heaters, use a screwdriver to remove the cover first, then with baseboards and wall heaters, use a brush attachment on the vacuum hose to suck dust off the heater coils. The underside of the fireplace, where the pilot light and controls are, should also be kept free of dust and pet hair. Vacuum annually at least.

If Not Addressed

Dust will build up on the electric coils, when the heater is turned on, the dust will burn, creating a hot spot on the wires, smoke/soot stain on the heater surface, and increase risk of starting a fire.

Estimated Costs

You can vacuum the baseboard heaters yourself for free, or as an add on to your regular maid/housekeeping service. Consult your housekeeper for a fee schedule, it is likely less than $100.

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