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Monitor possible wasp nests

$100-$200 Est. time: ~1hrs Low

Tasks and Notes

Possible wasp nest on north side.


There are a couple of possible wasp nests under the eaves on the north side of the house. We did not observe any actual insect activity around them at the time of the checkup. We recommend monitoring them periodically for insect activity and consulting a pest removal specialist if such activity is noted.

If Not Addressed

Wasp nests, especially in high trafficked area such as the north entrance, pose a stink risk. These are especially concerning for small children and anyone with an allergy to wasp stings.

Estimated Costs

We estimate the cost of this project to be about $100-$200 in the event that there are actual wasps nesting under the eaves. These costs will fluctuate based on the actual conditions the professionals encounter. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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