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Improve shed ventilation

$50-$300 Est. time: 2 - 3hrs Low

Tasks and Notes

No upper ventilation. Add some ridge or roof vents.
Good lower ventilation. Sufficient soffit vents in place.


There is some moisture on the underside of the shed’s roof sheathing. Fresh air is supplied by the soffit vents at the base of the roof. However, if there were also passive roof vents near the peak of the roof, or a ridge vent, it would help draw air, heat, and moisture up and outside.

If Not Addressed

The moisture is more likely to remain in the air, accelerating the decay of roof sheathing and shingles from the trapped heat and moisture. If conditions are moist and warm (ie: during the summer) this will lead to organic growth, like mold, and lead to rot.

Estimated Costs

Adding four roof vents could cost an estimated $50 as a DIY project, or $200-$300 if done professionally. These costs will fluctuate based on the actual conditions the handyman encounters. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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