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Clean lean-to shed roof

$50-$80 Est. time: ~1hr Semi-annually

Tasks and Notes

Remove roof debris.


The side roof on the west side of the house that covers a lean-to/shed is heavily covered with tree debris, leaves, and needles; it needs to be cleaned.

When cleaning roofs, it is important not to overdo it with a pressure washer and strip the granular pebbles from the roofing shingles. Gentle sweeping, possibly followed by a leaf blower, should be enough to keep this area clear.

If Not Addressed

This organic matter will begin to compost right on top of the roofing shingles and accelerate the decay of the roof. Moisture will seep in and rot the contents of the shed, the roofing and sheathing of the shed, and potentially the siding of the main house.

Estimated Costs

Cleaning the roof could be a free DIY project or $50-$80 if done professionally. The shed roof is low enough that the average homeowner could use a push broom to sweep it off from the ground or a stepladder. A yard maintenance service might be able to do it as an add-on to regular lawn service.

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