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Improve kitchen ventilation

$750-$1,500 Est. time: 2 - 3hrs Low

Tasks and Notes

Redirect range hood to exterior instead of recirculating.


The kitchen exhaust fan does not vent to the exterior, it merely recirculates air back into the room. This is okay given there is an electrical range in place. However, if a gas range is ever installed a proper range hood should be installed.

If Not Addressed

This setup is adequate for the existing electric range/oven. However, if a gas range is installed the combustion will lead to byproducts, notably carbon monoxide, that can be unsafe in the home. An exhaust hood and fan should be vented to the exterior to properly vent these byproducts.

Estimated Costs

We estimate the cost of having range hood and adequate ducting installed to be between $750-$1500. These prices will fluctuate based on the actual conditions the professionals encounter. Request quotes from at least 3 professionals.

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